Family Focus

Vision of Family Focus

The vision of Family Focus Ministry Team is to promote family units, which are healthy socioeconomically, physically, and spiritually. The vision of the Family Focus Ministry Team is a holistic approach, which seeks to address the total needs of our families at Genesis and our community. Our belief is that. The Family Focus Ministry Team will seek to address these needs by events such as seminars, training sessions, recreational activities, health clinics, special services or sessions, and several other means as we are led by the Holy Spirit. God desires that we renew our mind daily and that we love one another so that we can be the Christian community He desires. Scripture ref: Mark 12:30-31; Romans 12:1-2; Matt 19:4-6.

Family Focus facilitated and/or participated with several activities that promoted the vision of the circle(s) and Genesis Baptist Church.

Scripture reference: Mark 12:30

Romans 12:1-2

Employment Support:

The goal is equipping our members for today’s job market. Employment Support holds a Job Information Fair. Employment Support expects to expand the number of businesses that participate in the Employment Information Fair.

Family and Friends Day: Michelle Baynes

Several activities are made available for the children and youth: basketball, fun house, cotton candy, snow cones – just to name a few. There are other activities: Health Fair, Business Expo, a presentation from the Genealogy Society, and live entertainment. Oh, by the way, there is plenty of good food. The Spirit was just as high as the members worked together on this event, as Family and Friends strive to help produce a Christian community.

Family Health: Rev. Crawford

Family Health holds a Health Fair in September… Several screening is done. Family Health also provided meals for Higher Ground on every second Tuesday. This is a time of reaching out, to serve, and to fellowship with those in need. Family Health also put together a schedule and has health care professional for virtually all Sunday services.

Marriage Ministry: Reverend Linda McBride and Deacon Al McBride

The Marriage Ministry has really grown over the past few months. The meetings have served to build stronger relationships with those who participate as well as addressing various aspects of marriage. The ministry has several sessions planned each year as well as a marriage retreat. We are about strengthening relationships.

Laymen’s League:  Deacon Milton Grady

The Laymen’s League holds monthly meeting on each 3rd Sunday morning. Each meeting is highlighted with a speaker that shares information that helps empower our men. Some of the topics discussed are: “Money and Finance”, “Men’s Health”, “Retirement, Death, and Estates”, “General Dentistry”, “Buying a Car”, etc. The Laymen’s League also attends conferences. The Laymen’s League works closely with Senior’s Ministry and the Youth.

Golden Gems Ministry: Bernadette Austin

Our mission is to serve God. We believe the church belongs to GOD and the church is, in the words of the Apostle Paul, the body of Christ. The church is to be the physical presence of Christ in the world. As such, our primary aim is to do God’s will.

The Senior’s Ministry is called the Golden Gems (GGG), “Seniors reaching out to seniors”. Our purpose is to: Travel to places of interest; provide opportunity for seniors to use their skills, talents and creative abilities; Contact seniors who are shut-in by periodic telephone calls, home visits or by sending greeting cards; Provide a hot meal to those who are home bound, involve seniors in arts and crafts, aerobic and cultural activities, Invite seniors to church for holiday celebration; preparing luncheons or a banquet (Senior Prom); Invite resource persons as guest speakers or to conduct seminars; Plan a senior retreat; Publish a quarterly newsletter, The GGG News.

Single’s Ministry: Linda West

The Singles’ Ministry serves to provide wholeness to those who have never been married, the widowed, and the divorced through spiritual guidance, fellowship, and training.

The Singles’ Ministry held various activities throughout this year.

Women’s Ministry: Miguel Carver and Angela Joyner

We thank Him for using the Women’s Ministry reaches inward and outward this year. We praise and honor His name. The events that were held this year were extremely successful and many benefited from those efforts. Some of the events were the Women’s Prayer Breakfast, the Women’s Prayer Hour, the Joyce Meyer’s conference in Winston Salem, the Fruit of the Spirit workshops, and the clothes giveaway. A holiday celebration is scheduled in December. This celebration is scheduled in

Financial Literacy: Latonya Bell

This ministry provides biblical base financial strategies which will help empower church members and the surrounding community financially.