Enrichment for Christian Living

Reverend Marlow Hinton

The Enrichment for Christian Living Circle includes Sunday School, Bible Study, Sunday School 2000+, New Members Training, Black History, Vacation Bible School, Discipleship and Leadership Training.

We have a wonderful spirit filled team who provide leadership to the ministries listed above. When I think about the common thread that encircles these ministries and its central focus, the word edification comes to the mind. In Romans 14:19 Paul notes that we should follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another. The word edify literally means to ‘build up’ as in a house and then to adorn it and give it every advantage possible to survive. When this is applied to the church, it means, to do build up by teaching, counseling, advising, etc., in other words doing things which will promote helping and aiding all of us to grow as Christians. When we study God’s Word through bible study, teaching, training, and orientation, we are better able to understand the mindset of the true and living God we will reside with eternally. Even our Black History moments are design to remind some and teach others how God has kept us as a people through incredible odds and how far He has enable us to come. We are also strengthening our spiritual resolve just as vitamins and exercise help strengthen us physically so we can better endure the ‘beat downs’ of the world and the wiles of the enemy.

In this way, the idea of a building up is retained because we are reared on a firm tried and true chief corner-stone, the Lord Jesus Christ and can be ‘built’ as one great temple erected for the glory of God. This further unites us on a common objective for the service of our Lord where each is of us is properly equipped and to do all that is possible to perform our role in perfecting and adorning this temple of God. In a temple where all the building up is fitly framed together, it truly becomes a holy sanctuary in the Lord.

Reverend Dr. C. Marlow Hinton

Enrichment for Christian Living Circle Leader

Bible Study

Bible Study is conducted each Wednesday at noon and at 6:30 pm by Pastor Hughes. Pastor Hughes has begun the year with a focus on the better understanding the third person of the Trinity, The Holy Spirit with the book entitled “Forgotten God, Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan.

Sunday School

The Sunday School classes meet on Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  Sunday School is led by Sis. Mary DeGraffenriedt as Superintendent.  Deacon Sam Martin continues to support her in this role who also served as Superintendent. The classes and instructors are as follows:

Elementary – Deacon Frenchie Bailey

Juniors – Rev. Marlow Hinton

High School – Sis. Rene Donnell

Adults Sunday School Instructors vary including Rev. Marlow Hinton, Deacon Sharon Donnell, Rev. Linda  McBride,

Rev. Niels and Sis. Lena Chapman among others.

Sunday School 2000+ interchurch sessions are held each year with 4 classes in January, February, March, April.  Deacon Fannie Bratcher serves as liaison.  The class is taught by Rev. Bobby Brown (Community of Faith) and is sponsored by the Evangelistic Training Association.

New Members / Discipleship Training

Rev. Tracy Mathews and Deacon Rob Rogers provide leadership for our New Members Training and Discipleship Training. Eleven members of Genesis serve as teachers and alternates.  Classes are generally held on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am with special arrangements have been made for those who cannot attend on Sunday morning.

Vacation Bible School

Sister Fannie Bratcher continues to provide excellent leadership for Vacation Bible School as attendance and support increase each year. The next VBS will be held the week of June.

Black History

Black History Ministry provides our members with information and activities that enhances the knowledge of outstanding contributions made by us.

The Public Relations Ministry led by Sis. Lena Chapman continues to post pertinent information to the website including photos of happenings around Genesis. Books and other media on Christian Education and Christian Living have been purchased for the Library Media Center.

To Our Guest

We’re glad you’re here. Questions such as these are often asked about church membership:

How may I Join? At the close of every worship service a hymn is sung and Pastors stand facing the congregation. Simply walk to one of them and indicate you want to join the church or make another decision. You may also contact a Pastor at the church office during the week and state your desire to become a member.

Are there different ways to join? Yes. We receive members four ways. 1) Baptism by immersion, upon confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; 2) Baptism by immersion, by transfer from another denomination; 3) Transfer from another Baptist Church; 4) Statement of having previously received Christ as Lord, and having been baptized as a believer by immersion.