Deacon Helpers

The Deacon Helpers are chaired by Sis. Cecelia Watley and Sis. Rosemary Hickman. The mission of this ministry is to assist our Deacons and Ministers on the Adoption Teams. They seek to support and care for each member of the Genesis family giving special attention to sick and shut-in members.  Deacon Helpers are responsible for ensuring that clean towels and robes are available for baptismal candidates; preparing the elements for the Lord’s Supper, assisting in serving the Lord’s Supper, and cleaning the utensils after communion is finished.  This ministry may be called upon to prepare and make available communion elements for weddings as needed.

Deacon Helpers also accompany deacons to serve communion to our sick and shut-in members. Outside of this ministry, several deacon helpers serve in other positions such as ushers, the children’s ministry, trustees, VBS teachers and assistants, and the nominating committee.