Beyond Church Walls Circle

The mission of the Outreach Ministry at Genesis Baptist Church is to promote evangelism of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the community surrounding the church. We are committed to using our gifts, talents, and resources that are available to guide, train, and involve the Genesis Baptist Church congregation in evangelical ministry.

To empower our members to share their personal witness

To assist other ministries in their focus of outreach efforts

To develop ministry in the community

To focus on communication as it relates to evangelism

To increase the kingdom of God through outreach ministries

To involve current programs and activities in outreach

To establish Christian education beyond Genesis Baptist Church


Rev. Dr. Mona Lisa Covington

Rev. George Crawford

To provide spiritual guidance and Christian love to inmates and their families. The Angel Tree Program is a vital part of this ministry.   Sister Linda West assumes leadership of this program, with the assistance of Sister Paulette Douglass and other committed volunteers.  Children of designated inmates receive gifts from the  “incarcerated parent” but  purchased by  member of the church during the Christmas season.

Transformation Ministry: Deacon Graham & Reverend Graham

To provide spiritual and emotional support to any individual seeking to teardown, overcome and recover from the effects of life controlling strongholds.  The Center for Healing and Wellness is utilized to assist with counseling needs of those within and outside the walls of the church.

NNRP: Sister LaTonya Bell

To demonstrate the love of God by providing recreational and technology projects for children and adults of Genesis and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Nursing Home: Evang. Roberta Price

To provide Christian services, programs, and blessings for residents in the long-term care facility setting.  Gifts and clothing items are provided for multiple residents without family support.

Reach-Another-Neighbor(RAN): Sister Vivian Street

To provide words of prayer and personal contact to the Genesis neighborhood through prayer walks.  Also serves the residents at the Urban Ministry Pathway facility by providing the Word of God, fellowship, food, clothing and supplies for adults and children.

Missionary: Deacon Paulette Evans

To provide spiritual blessings to those in need inside and outside the Genesis family by exalting Christ through teaching, equipping, giving, serving and witnessing to men, women, and youth. Uniting with other churches, many individuals and youth are provided with the “necessities of life”.  The motto is:  “Christ in Every Home”.

Evangelism: Reverend Sarah Graham

To provide training and offer opportunities for fellow ministers, church leaders and the entire Body of Christ to spread the word and love of God throughout the community and wherever the opportunity avails itself to God’s people.

Adopt-A-School: Sister Georgia Marshall

To provide services to designated schools to help students achieve success in their educational and personal life experiences. The adopt-A-school program also provides resources such as books, lunches, breakfasts and other treats for the faculty and staff.