Circles of Ministry

Beyond Church Walls Circle

The mission of the Outreach Ministry at Genesis Baptist Church is to promote evangelism of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the community surrounding the church. We are committed to using our gifts, talents, and resources that are available to guide, train, and involve the Genesis Baptist Church congregation in evangelical ministry.

Enrichment for Christian Living

The Enrichment for Christian Living Circle includes Sunday School, Bible Study, Sunday School 2000+, New Members Training, Black History, Vacation Bible School, Discipleship and Leadership Training.

Family Focus

The vision of Family Focus Ministry Team is to promote family units, which are healthy socioeconomically, physically, and spiritually. The vision of the Family Focus Ministry Team is a holistic approach, which seeks to address the total needs of our families at Genesis and our community.

Worship Circle

The Mission of the Worship Circle is to advance the vision for worship at Genesis through prayerful, creative and informed reflection by continually offering up the sacrifices of praise through Worship. As a Worship Ministry we vowed to properly prepare ourselves for worship, through purification and consecration.

Youth Circle

The purpose of the Genesis Baptist Church Youth Ministry is to expose the unsaved to Christ, to facilitate care for each other, to build love based relationships, to offer praise to God, and to grow in Christ.
  • Deacon Helpers

    The Deacon Helpers are chaired by Sis. Cecelia Watley and Sis. Rosemary Hickman. The mission of this ministry is to assist our Deacons and Ministers on the Adoption Teams. They seek to support and care for each member of the Genesis family giving special attention to sick and shut-in members.  Deacon Helpers are responsible for …
  • Public Relations

    The Public Relations Ministry consists of the following members: Rev. Dr. Linwood Carver, Breon Williams, Kim Freeman, Lena Chapman, Kai Douglas, Eric Funderburk, Erica Funderburk, Latonya Bell, and Paulette Douglas. A Public Relations member is represented on each of the five circles to enhance communication among the ministries and offer leadership in locating proper resources.